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    Hi there,

    I created a theme for a friend that he will use on his blog with 150-200 visitors daily. I’m generally interested in feedback regarding the general design. I know most of the content is ipsum lorum or swedish so don’t expect a lot of sense trying to read a post :)

    If you have a good idea regarding the menu I am all open for ideas.

    Thanks for any feedback and ideas you can give :)



    I like the layout and the simplicity of the design, and the little circles indicating blog post categories.

    My only criticism would be of the menu/header – I really like the color you have there, and the clean, uncluttered look,  but you don’t have that color incorporated anywhere else, and it seems to clash a little with the electric blue you have elsewhere on the site (just my opinion as another blogger, not a design expert!).

    Susan @ One Happy Studio I offer theme customizations I tweet!
    I’ve taken up the challenge! – help me answer some of the unanswered posts



    Agree with Susan’s comments on the use of the two different blues, and I also like the uncluttered layout. One suggestion I might have is to have a play with the width of the content column – for mine it “feels” a bit cramped, making the post intros hard to read (even though I can’t actually read them!)




    Thanks for the feedback! I have ditched the electric blue in favor of the one from the header plus I have increased the overall width of the page with 40px and it does look a little better.

    Some other changes have been incorporated as well regarding posts with multiple categories. The site is also responsive so if you can give feedback on that layout as well I’d be grateful! :)



    Very nice. One thing, though. As it looks to me at the time of this post, the contrast is between the Popular Posts text and background is light for my taste. In other words, a bit hard to read. That problem crops up in a couple other places too. I tend to always watch contrast because it effects the perceived ease of reading the site. I only tried one browser (Firefox) so maybe it’s different on different browsers.



    RobAlex, you got a point. I only tested it on my IPS monitor, when testet on my laptop I see the same issues with readiblity. Might have to think some about that. Thanks! :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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