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    Looking for some technical assistance on a property search query im having some problems with on WP.

    Using the Agentpress theme I have put together a client site that is fully functional, however the client has asked that the search query is altered slightly and i’m having trouble working out how to do it.

    Basically they want the search facility provide the following options:

    1. Bedrooms searched for as 1+, 2+, 3+ and 4 or more.

    2. Property availability to provide just 2 options – Available and Include Let Properties.

    Have no idea how to change the search settings to return this information.

    Link to the site in question is here: test.taylorslettings.co.uk

    We are at the very end stages of going live, so any urgent help would be gratefully appreciated.

    Thanks very much.



    So are you saying when you select 1 bedroom that out of the 3 options in the box next to it, the line that says “Available & Let Agreed” does not show up there? That there only be the two “Let Agreed Only” and “Available Only”? You don’t want them to have the option to see both?



    Sorry – I dont think ive made it clear.

    I have 2 separate search query issues.

    The first is that my client wants the bedrooms to be searchable with the following options:

    1 or more
    2 or more
    3 or more
    4 or more

    The second is that they want the availability of the property to only give 2 options:

    Availabile properties only
    Include Let Agreed

    The data I have is being automatically created by their system and provides the information in the dropdowns as you see it in the search box on the site. The theme (Agentpress) dictates the search at present.

    I have no idea how to alter the search so it shows presents the results to meet the clients needs.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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