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    Anthony Galli
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    Hi I’m working on my website using Streamline.

    Can someone tell me how I can add “Archives” to the menu bar?

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    One way is to add a Category. It’s usually under Page on the left where you build the menu.
    Is that what your looking for?


    Anthony Galli
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    This is the vision I had in mind:

    When one clicks on my website’s archives it would take them to a page that lists all my article titles in chronological order with their respective links.

    Here’s an Example I took from Zenhabits:

    9 The Habits of Happiness
    4 How to Keep Habits Going During Travel
    1 A Year of Living Without
    28 The Key Habits of Organization
    26 I Failed
    20 Vegan Guide to San Francisco
    17 The Futility of Comparing Yourself to Others
    16 A Secret to Dad Greatness
    13 Habits: A Simple Change in Mindset Changes Everything
    10 The Worry That You’re Doing the Wrong Thing Right Now
    7 6 Steps To Being More Creative
    5 How I Finally Faced My Weight & Debt Problems
    3 Working with the Obstacles in Your Path
    31 The Simplify Your Day Challenge in June
    29 9 Rules for a Simpler Day
    23 The Little Book of Contentment
    21 The Obstacle is the Path
    16 5 Lessons in Contentment from Billionaires Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger
    13 Smile in Each Moment
    10 A Guide to Practical Compassion
    7 6 Steps To Healing Yourself
    2 Find the Zen of Work



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    Have you tried adding a custom link to your menu? Add your archive page as a custom link:


    Anthony Galli
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    How can I do that? I just want a simple list? I would actually like two archives. One with all my posts and another with just my Ultimate Guides.

    In the Ultimate Guides one it will just be a list of all my guides.

    In the general one I may want to include the date or month the post was originally published (such as the example above).

    Thanks in advance for any help you could give me. I would greatly appreciate it.


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    This might be what you want:

    More tips:

    You can also try to search for a plugin that lists posts or something. I usually like to create a WP page and template. –
    Create a template named Ultimate Guides, then create a WP page named Ultimate Guides and assign it to the Ultimate Guide template. Customize the template to show what you want. You have to know PHP and have FTP access to add .php files to the theme. Are you comfortable trying this? I can try to help you if you’d like to do it this way.


    Anthony Galli
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    I added the code from here as you suggested:

    I can’t get mine to look like his though? I added “page_custom_archive.php” to my child theme and I added the bottom code to the CSS. Either way it still looks the same as before. Please help!


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    I think the last step is that you need to apply this template to a WP Page. So create a new page under Pages, and name it Archives (or whatever you want the title to be in the Menu). Then assign that page to your new template in the Page Attributes panel on the edit screen. Then view that page and see if your new changes show up.

    Then you’ll have to add this new page to your menu instead of the custom link.

    Let me know if you have trouble doing this!


    Anthony Galli
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    Thank you very much! I didn’t realize I needed to do that.

    Keep being awesome!


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    Great! Glad I could help.

    Question, did you create the newsletter widget area / design yourself? I couldn’t find it in Streamline Pro I just started using it for a website and wondered how you had it.

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