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    Bill Murray

    When you run into a wall, perhaps it’s a good idea to go in a different direction…

    Why not add this to your functions.php, somewhere after the define for the child theme near line 10:

    /** Add support for custom header */
    add_theme_support( ‘genesis-custom-header’, array(
    ‘width’     => 1600,
    ‘height’     => 48
    ) );

    Then, upload a custom header with your logo on the far left side.  It might take adding a few styling rules to the child theme’s CSS, but it gives you far more control to easily change your logo from within your WP dashboard.

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    That is odd. Please paste your operating /* 03b – Header */ CSS code and I will look it over to learn what is happening.



    #title {
    background: url(files/2012/12/Bass-HookUps-Logo480.png) no-repeat;
    background-color: #faea85;
    height: 48px;
    width: 480px;
    line-height: 1;
    margin: 0;

    #title a {
    color: transparent;
    display: block;
    padding: 16px;
    padding: 1rem;



    @Bill, thx, I had BIG hopes for that. I’d much rather have the dashboard access to the header,.. but that didn’t work either. :-(



    Your path to the image is incorrect in the #title section.  Either upload the banner image to the images folder and modify your path to use the images folder of the theme, or change the path to something like –  url(wp-content/files/2012/12/Bass-HookUps-Logo480.png)



    You were correct,.. But, in a multi-site install, that’s where the images go.

    I tried it with the full URL, no transparency and it worked!
    Thx for the help!


    Hopefully the designer of the theme will read this,..
    I know this theme was originally designed to be a “deceptively simple design”,.. But it’s certainly NOT “most flexible theme”.

    I think it could be even better adding some additional flexibility/functionality

    1) Custom header option just like many other Genesis themes.
    2) Control over what content displays on the home page. Maybe this could be a widget area?
    3) Ability to turn off/on the GIANT big nav arrows.

    I’d do it myself, but have no idea how. ;-)


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