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    Once thing I noticed in some blogs, is the ability to apply styles to links associated with each category ( or even tag ) in the Filed Under section? Currently, it is a bit boring and doesn’t really emphasise the topic I am writing about.
    As discussed with Jenifer in support, I would need to define .category {} class for each of my 1..10 categories. The tags could have single class to keep things simple. I just wondered if this is easy to do – with a bit of guidance, I wouldn’t mind having a go at this myself and posting the output here.

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    Usually they are targeted by CSS class categories and tags…so if you want one styling for all your category… can change that css and it should work….
    If you want different styles for each category then it might need some code to back it up….but I like the idea of changing that….will check on it and post back as soon as I have something….
    Which version of genesis you are working with…2.0?

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    THanks for your reply… I had a look in my theme (Metro/Genesis 2.0) styles and yes, I guess I can embellish this markup – I am assuming I don’t need to touch functions.php

    .tags {
    	display: block;

    I will be interested in seeing what you come up with. I think the starting point is displaying in the top or bottom of posts. However, It would be cool to also show it in the rolled up content shown the Genesis Featured Posts plugin as this will draw my readers in.




    I have to admit I have done much on this as I was told it will be quite complicated. I know I could so this with JQuery but since it would be good keep everything within php and CSS, there must be another way.

    Anyway, I stumbled on this link.

    If add < ?php post_class(); ? > to the

    Post Layouts -> settings ->Custom Post Class

    Then I gather….
    .cattegory_name to is added my output and if I style these classes then maybe I can cascade the existing metro styles

    So for example if I has a blog on music styles I might have

    .category-punk { font: black;}
    .category-metal {font: red;}

    and if hack my styles.css I wonder if I can’t change the boring post info categories:

    .category-punk .entry-categories

    The plan is to style the the category name in my post or even replace it with an img

    I am not sure of the syntax or even the theory so please feel free to correct me.

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