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    Rather than adding on to an existing thread, I decided it might be a good idea to start a new thread.

    Over the past three weeks or so, I’ve been reading a lot of comments about why people *don’t* like the new forums, with very little feedback on what people *do* like about the new forums. I have reserved judgment on giving an opinion about the forums, and I’m still holding off on doing so…

    Three week ago, Nick wrote:

    “So please accept my challenge to make this new forum a real community. Please take time to share what you are working on and any new cool things you have done. Try to help out each other too. You might think you can’t answer, but trust me, I started off at the beginning too.”

    Today, Nick wrote:

    “So in short, if you want to see things become better, then please help make it better. Do your part to give back instead of being a consumer. If you want to see the moderators and staff have more time to answer your questions, take time to field a few questions yourself.”

    (By the way, Nick – I swear I’m not stalking you!)

    I have deliberately held off giving my opinion of the new forum, because I wanted to give the forum a chance to develop. I took to heart what Nick said – this forum is our community – it’s not the official “help” for StudioPress – this is *our* forum to give back to the community, and learn along the way. I try to come here every day, and answer at least one or two questions. In seeing the number of unanswered posts, I feel sad for all those customers who aren’t getting their questions answered. I’d love to be able to see a situation where at the end of the day, there are *no* unanswered posts. I think if we come together as a community, we can help the new users, or the more experienced users with new questions.

    I’ve only been using StudioPress for 3 months, so there is still a lot I *don’t* know. I won’t try to answer a question unless I’m sure of the answer, because I don’t want to waste anyone’s time (and look like an idiot in the process!), but I’m sure that there are some members out there who would be able to answer some of those unanswered questions.  (Here’s a link to view unanswered questions: SP Unanswered Posts)

    So, my question to you is – who is going to join me in taking up the challenge? To give back to the community?


    Susan @ One Happy Studio I offer theme customizations I tweet!
    I’ve taken up the challenge! – help me answer some of the unanswered posts



    I just want to say I have seen you do an incredible job of answering questions in the new forums and really appreciate it. So a great big, from the bottom of my heart, personal thanks.



    I sat here over the weekend and answered as many as I could given I have limited technical skill, but I answered as many as I could and will continue to do so.



    Anita, and I think you for that too. That makes it much easier for those with more advanced skill to field the more advanced questions.



    My workload for the time being is beyond crazy with customizing Genesis themes for projects and clients that I don’t get over here frequently enough (not daily, anyway) to be of any quick help to anyone, but I’d be happy to help out when I can, too  :)


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    I’ll do what I can as well… I’m fairly new to the Genesis framework and StudioPress, but have fallen in love with it and will be the only framework I use for new client designs, if given the choice.

    I’ll try and come in and answer what I can as well as learn from those who have more experience with StudioPress themes!



    Big thanks to everyone who has taken up the challenge. I have been really impressed with everyone and I’m trying to do a good job of saying so on Twitter. One thing that will help me say thanks is including your twitter URL in your signature so as I browse the forums I can tweet out the right people.

    Again, HUGE thanks.



    Amazing Anita! I had no idea, with the confident – and accurate – ways that you helped me with a couple of issues that you were, as you say, of  ” limited technical skill”.

    Hah, would that I had your skills. Thanks much to you, and all that give of their time to us fledglings.





    Thanks for that nice compliment Bill. I think even the noobies have something to share and even if they don’t right now.. right this second, after being here a while – they will have something to share. Just think of all the things you’ve learned and can share too. And.. you aren’t a fledgling anymore! Happy Holidays!



    I’ve been stagnant since the new forum launch. Here’s my commitment to getting started again (just replied to 3 or 4) :).



    Thanks for putting this in your signature, Susan. I too have limited technical knowledge but have been using Genesis for a while now. I will take up the challenge!


    Cyndy Otty

    Thanks for initiating this, Anna.

    I kind of fell off the radar what with one thing and another going on, but now that the holidays are behind me I expect things to settle down enough that I can poke my head in here more often and give some help when possible.

    — Cyndy Otty —




    I definitely agree with you. We as the studiopress community need to give back and help each other out as much as we possibly can. I remember being new with MANY questions and how frustrating it was trying to figure out how to make things work. And I have to say @Nick, your tutorials have been amazing in helping me build my knowledge as well as all the past support you have given me. I want to say THANKS and pay it forward to the studiopress community.

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    I’ve contributed a few followups that I thought would be helpful, but as someone who is still relatively clueless (totally clueless?) I’m hesitant to lead anyone astray…won’t answer something unless I am absolutely sure I know what I’m talking about…which means I don’t say much.

    If we were talking Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, InDesign, or OS X, I could be very helpful, and often contribute to various forums related to those issues…but feel too lame to get very involved here.

    But I know I’ll eventually get better at this, and so I read the forums on a regular basis, hoping to find a question I can pounce on.

    P.S. And yes…I also had to laugh (out loud) when I saw #anitac saying that she had “limited technical skill”…what a joke…she should start her own comedy show…she seems to know *every*thing.


    Bill Murray

    It’s hard to be “absolutely sure” about some types of advice. You might want to use a standard of “pretty sure”. If you’re upfront about whether you’ve worked with the particular child theme or tested the code you’re posting, anyone that follows your advice is going in with eyes wide open. Helpful replies can include a list of things to double-check, even if the reply doesn’t pinpoint the exact solution.

    Since there are often many possible solutions to a problem, I often post the solution that I think is best suited to an original poster’s skill set, even if there are other solutions that are slightly better. If someone says he’s a complete newcomer and isn’t familiar with PHP, I’m not likely to suggest complicated code edits, because that can take down someone’s site and the person may not be able to resolve without further help, which might not be immediately available. I see a lot of replies to newcomers suggesting they jump in and edit code, and I think those replies would be better if they included some warnings.

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