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    In a recent thread, the OP complained about AgentPress not being responsive and mod AnitaC gave the usual “everything in due time” tack, which is actually very valid. If you’ve purchased AgentPress, it’s known to not be responsive. Figure it out, move on, or wait is really the only option there.

    What bothers me is how AgentPress and AgentPress Listings are being approached on a fundamental level. AnitaC used the angle that SP may not be wholly responsible for APL since it’s a third-party plugin. I have a HUGE problem with this philosophy — StudioPress is listed as an APL author in the WP plugin repo sidebar!

    It should be recognized that AnitaC is a volunteer mod and not a paid StudioPress employee. Over in the WP plugin forums, a couple of us have admittedly been giving APL co-author Ron Rennick a bit of a hard time for a similar reason, which led Ron to chide us that we might not know the difference between theme and plugin…

    I’ll just save some time and quote myself from what I said to Ron in the forum:

    Our problem is simply this (and it’s not even a remotely debatable point):

    Regardless of the plugin/child theme arrangement, the way AgentPress & APL are being bundled and marketed is disingenuous. We know StudioPress makes good products and this feels like it was phoned it. I would like to see both the plugin and theme revised so that noobs and intermediate-level folks don’t have to go through the pains we have. That’s really the goal over there at CopyBlogger/StudioPress, right? To be friendly toward the experienced and inexperience alike, and augment the WordPress experience for the better.

    AgentPress + AgentPress Listings feel really underdeveloped and buggy. Support feels like a shell game; “it’s the child theme’s fault”, “it’s the plugin’s fault”, “it’s not my problem”. I understand the methodology for separating theme and plugin, but that’s not a shield to hide behind when the product you’re selling doesn’t work correctly.

    What we should see as a priority — for the child theme AND for the plugin — is that they both get fixed. Seriously. Listing sorting in the search widget and on archive pages is a joke, there is no default pagination, empty meta box fields populate unless you hack the plugin, there’s the “comma bug“, and there is zero extensibility for those same custom meta boxes unless you edit the core plugin files (which totally knocks the decentralized, theme-agnostic portability argument to the ground). Not to mention that shortcodes are  required to get custom meta info into the listings. It’s beyond ridiculous. How are tech-phobic clients supposed to juggle all of that when I hand an AgentPress-based site off to them?

    I write this as respectfully as possible, and because a lot of these issues have been deflected or flat-out ignored. A number of us want an official statement from StudioPress on this matter, as well as a fix. Remember, we’re upset because we had more trust and faith in you guys.



    Thank you for the recommendations. For them to get the best reception I would suggest that you file this using the ticket system or by contacting the theme developer directly. This forum is for the community and while it may seem like the best place your criticism will be missed by the ears that could do something about it.

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