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    I tried to translate Executive Pro and Beautiful Pro in a multisite network.
    For example, widget titles in the admin widget area are in english and I want them in french.
    I read this and ended up with .po and .mo files
    For Executive Pro I named my file as following: used
    For Beautifl Pro I named my file as following:
    But translations don’t work.

    Is the name not correct?

    Or maybe it’s related to the fact I’m using Genesis translations plugin? If so, how can I do?

    Best Regards


    I sent a tweet out for assistance. Someone should respond shortly.



    Hi Arome77,

    Did you use POEdit as that page you linked to instructed? It will name the .po and .mo files correctly on its own when you save. No need to rename them.

    Also, you say “widget titles in the admin widget area are in english and I want them in french”, do you mean the name of the widgets provided by WordPress (like Calendar, Custom Menu or Recent Comments) or the widget titles you enter yourself? For the latter, you’ll need to renter the titles in French. Theme translation won’t help with that as they are not related.



    Hi @anitac

    Actually I found the answer ;-)
    The name was not correct. It’s just (and not




    @arom77, also check out the dialogue going on over on my Twitter – Some of them cannot make it to the forum right now, so read those tweets.


    Grégoire Noyelle


    For Child theme two things to do:

    1- in functions.php add:

    load_child_theme_textdomain( ‘theme-name’, get_stylesheet_directory() . ‘/lib-gn/language-theme’ );

    The language-theme is my folder for all po, mo files and the ‘theme-name’ is the localization name.

    2. for your mo and po files, just use this names for french:

    That’s all




    I don’t know if this post will still have an answer but I’ll try.

    @Grégoire Noyelle, I managed to have my translations in genesis, no problem about that. But someone on a post I wrote about how to keep your translation when genesis updates, suggested that I’ll put the and fr_FR.po with the child theme name so ( etc) in wp-content>languages>themes. But that doesn’t work if i try that. Is that because there is a specificity with Genesis and whatever you do, you should call the translation in functions.php?
    I’d like to know just for my knowledge…

    Kind regards


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