Thinking about removing the @media query responsive sections…but should I?

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    So I have a site built on Metro Pro and I am basically done… however the client has come back to me and was asking about having the site look exactly the same on ALL devices as it does on a desktop. In other words, no stacking of elements.

    What is the drawback of me taking away all @media queries out of the CSS? It would mean then there would be constant Zooming in, correct, and what else? I’ve never removed these sections as most are okay with the elements stacking. I would think too the elements would be too small and there would be scrolling. I suppose you could say I am imagining what it would like if I took this drastic measure of removing these @media sections.

    Website is here:




    I always advise my clients strongly against removing mobile responsiveness from a site – if they want to do it themselves, that’s fine, but I won’t do it for them. Usually I find that the ones who want to remove it don’t understand how mobile works or why it’s important. But with over 30% of the web’s traffic coming from tablets and phones, that segment is too big to ignore. It makes the site look outdated (or the owner look like s/he was too cheap to spring for mobile responsiveness).

    As someone who frequently visits blogs and websites from a mobile device, there is nothing more frustrating than arriving on a site that isn’t mobile responsive. I usually go elsewhere and don’t bother coming back to that site unless I absolutely have to. Reading a site that is non-responsive requires too much zooming, scrolling side to side, etc. to be worth it. Personally, I’m not interested in the sidebars – I want the content. /steps off soapbox

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    Thank you for your feedback Andrea and that just validates what I was feeling too! I will let the client know!

    Thank you!

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