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    At monaslegacy.org, I am trying to adjust the stylesheet so that the header image and header widget area will appear on the same line on phone screens, when the browser window is narrowed, etc. What’s happening now is that the “donate” widget kicks down to a separate line. I’ve been working with the media queries section of the stylesheet to no avail.

    I suspect this may be a two-part problem, one perhaps having to do with the site and widget container areas and the second with rendering the artwork to a smaller size for phone screens. Any help greatly appreciated.



    They are two separate areas. Your logo is in the .site-title a area and the donate is in the header-right-widget area. If you want both to stay on the same line – you will need to reduce the size of the .header and then reduce your logo to a small enough size in the media queries area so that it keeps both of them on the same line. You may need to reduce the size of the image and width of the header-right-widget area also.



    thank you for your suggestions and apologies for the delay in sending those thanks. Got busy with other things. Will tinker with it using your input when I get a chance.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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