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    I’m working on this multilanguage site: English is the first/default language, French is the second language.

    I’m using the Maximum theme with the WPML plugin.  I just got Genesis translations plugin installed on my site (I didn’t install the plugin when I first started developing the site). Most of the texts translate without problems except the Read more buttons on the home page. The button says Read more on the French home page too.. :-(

    I’ve gotten my knickers in a twist trying to figure out what is wrong. The WPML comlains that the French .mo file is missing (whatever that is) Might that be the problem?

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    3.4.1 ( January 1, 2013 @20:30)




    Remkus de Vries
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    Is there a string in your <code>functions.php</code> file hardcoded?

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    I do get the exact sam problem in the Executive theme – all the [Read More...] dosn’t translate even though I have used the WPML String translation – and there is no hardcoded in the functions.php. I do however have the same missing .mo file, but that should not matter as I didn’t choose to translate via .mo, right? And everything else translates perfectly.

    Any other ideas?



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    Also same problem here with the Executive Theme. WPML doesn’t show the strings in the Read more field that are coming from the Genesis widgets. Apparently this field is not translatable. To register a string by hand for WPML I normally add
    [wpml-string context="wpv-views"]Read More[/wpml-string] to it, but Genesis is just showing the whole shortcode instead.

    Dear support, what to do? Any feedback much appreciated.


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