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    john gronley


    I am trying to remove the disclaimer in the bottom left corner of

    Here is what is in the plugin’s footer.php, can someone tell me where it is fetching the disclaimer from or how to tweak the code to get rid of this?


    class dsidx_footer {
    static $disclaimer_queued = false;

    static function ensure_disclaimer_exists() {
    if (self::$disclaimer_queued)

    add_action(“wp_footer”, array(“dsidx_footer”, “insert_disclaimer”));
    self::$disclaimer_queued = true;

    static function insert_disclaimer() {
    global $wp_query;

    if (is_array($wp_query->query)
    && ((isset($wp_query->query[“idx-action”]) && $wp_query->query[“idx-action”] == “details”)
    || (isset($wp_query->query[“idx-action”]) && $wp_query->query[“idx-action”] == “results”))

    $apiParams = array();
    $apiParams[“responseDirective.IncludeDsDisclaimer”] = (defined(‘ZPRESS_API’) && ZPRESS_API != ”) ? “false” : “true”;

    $disclaimer = dsSearchAgent_ApiRequest::FetchData(“Disclaimer”, $apiParams);
    echo $disclaimer[“body”];



    There’s two places you can look.

    The first place – go to Genesis Settings > Scroll down to where there are two boxes – one marked Header, the other Footer. If there is anything in the Footer – REMOVE IT and save.

    If the first option doesn’t work, the second would be – do you have Genesis Simple Hooks installed? If so, go to Genesis Simple Hooks under the Genesis tab. Scroll thru there to see if there is content inside any of the boxes. If you find it – remove it and save.



    If I read you correctly the content is being placed by a plugin, is it the IDX one? ┬áIf the plugin is inserting the data, finding out the answer for the question might be easier by searching the plugin’s forums.


    I wouldn’t recommend editing the plugin’s footer or else the changes will all be undone next time you upgrade.




    Add this to your Style.css file. It should remove it.

    .dsidx-standalone-disclaimer {
    display: none;


    john gronley

    It worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mucho thanks!



    Just place it at the very bottom.



    me too it worked

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