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    Here’s my challenge:

    I have created a site using “Instant WordPress”, an Apache environment.

    Using “Magazine Pro” I have created a site and renamed the child theme to something unique. It all works fine and I have even added some widgets using Genesis hooks and conditional tags.

    I decided I wanted to create another site based on the template I created.

    I copied the entire installation (I mean the IWP server folders – everything).

    When I open this new installation, I am able to work on the site, change the site name etc, but because the local server URL is it is causing trouble. The theme folder name is identical to the original site, so the absolute URLs *seem* to be getting confused.

    The best way around this is to reboot the PC entirely and then open up the installation you want, but still it is referencing the old site because of the local server URL.

    To get around this I am trying to change the theme folder name of the second site, which is technically identical to the original. The only difference is the content of the site.

    I have tried renaming the theme folder (and I do know how to do this for a new installation) but for some reason renaming the theme folder is totally destroying my custom function.php file. In theory I should just be able to rename the theme folder then go into my WP installation and replace all references to the theme in any absolute URLs. This is really taxing my brain!

    I have tried deactivating the theme, renaming the theme folder, making a few change in style.css. making a few changes in functions.php etc

    In preview mode all looks good.

    Once activated, the widgets totally break. The Header Right widget ends up half way down the page!

    I’m convinced the IWP local URL needs to be unique for every and all IWP installations. It is not a good idea to have two identical installations on the same machine.

    But this could be a specific genesis issue.

    I need to know if the name of a theme folder is hard coded anywhere else within the installation of a Genesis child theme? I have a feeling my original theme folder name is still present somewhere within my installation and when I try to rename the theme folder it is breaking my site.

    Can you help me please?




    Andrea Rennick

    It’s not a Genesis issue. The theme folder name is not saved in any files because that would be a bad practise.

    Make sure your theme folder name has no capital letters and no spaces. WordPress got stricter about that, which would break the site in the way you are describing.

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    The theme name is hyphenated and lower case

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