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    Just curious – why do capital letters make a difference some times and not others???

    For example I just tried to login to a site and I used capital letters including the wordpress /wp-admin but capitalized and it didn’t work..

    Under-cased it did!

    I have a page on one of my websites that I capitalized in the url – when I try to obtain it using undercased it won’t show….

    Anyone know why?

    Thanks and just curious…


    Bill Murray

    URL’s, unlike email addresses, are case-sensitive.  For your login URL, the actual PHP script is on your server in lowercase, so if you don’t use lowercase letters, it can’t be found.  WP saves permalinks in lowercase, even if you attempt to enter an uppercase permalink, so I’m guessing your second example of a URL that involved uppercase characters wasn’t one that involved a WP permalink.

    That said, your server could have re-write rules that change a URL from one thing to another, and if that change included an uppercase to lowercase conversion, you could enter a URL in uppercase and see it converted – and found – in lowercase.  Those rules aren’t there by default.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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