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    Hi all,

    Needing help tweaking my StudioPress theme and thought I’d seek help in this great community forum.

    I am using the Prose theme on my website. You can see it here: http://marcusboon.com/

    I am trying to widen the content to 600 px and minimize the sidebar to 200 px. I tried to edit the CSS in my custom code, but while I was successful, it totally wacked out my responsive design.

    I then tried to edit the actual columns themselves in custom code, but that hardly made any changes.

    Any advice? Thx!



    Take a look at this thread which contains a discussion of widening the content area. It may point you in the right direction (although that thread was specifically about widening an entire site, and it sounds like you want to keep the default site width but just change the relative widths of the content area and the sidebar — there are still code snippets in that thread that may help).

    If you’re still having issues after reading that, post back here and include the contents of your Genesis –> Custom Code –> Custom CSS field.

    Changing widths of site elements can indeed cause weirdness with responsiveness. You have my sympathies there!

    I love WordPress, Genesis, and the Prose child theme (my complete guide to using Prose is here: SiteSetupKit.com). Say hi on Twitter: @wendycholbi

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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