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    I have questions regarding the demo configuration of the homepage of Modern Portfolio Pro.

    I’m trying to emulate the theme’s demo layout with one change: I’d like to switch the blog posts with the portfolio posts; that is, I’d like to feature three blog posts near the top of my homepage, followed by featuring six portfolio posts (just below the Home Service banner).

    Is it as easy as just using the Genesis Featured Posts widget in the Home>Portfolio area and the Featured Page widget in the Home>Blog area? Will these widgets used in my desired configuration ‘honor’ the three-post/six-post layout I’m shooting for? My initial endeavors in this matter seem to indicate “no,” and it’s gonna take some finessing to accomplish this.

    Any thoughts?



    http://www.test.puebloperiodically.com using Modern Portfolio Pro



    No. You will need to re-position the code in the front-page.php file.



    Thank you, Mr. Dalton. That did the trick.

    Mods, please marked this resolved.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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