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    Hi there!

    First I have to say I’m from Germany and so my written english isn’t perfect.
    Sorry for that but I hope i can present what I want and how I want it in a way you can understand.

    First of all I’ve installed a Website (german Content) and used the Genesis Framework with Magazine Style.
    At the Moment the Website isn’t finished yet.

    I have a Forum (community) PHPbb3. This was made Long before using WordPress. so I want to switch the Header and Footer and Navigation of that Forum and put there these from my Magazine Style. Navigation Menue should be there too after. So That it is like the Forum is a complete part of the Website. No PopUp or something else.

    I startet looking at the Website and at the Forum. But I don’t really know what to take from the wordpress files to put in the Forum.

    Maybe you all can help me a bit.




    You could try using bbpress instead and importing the content into it from PHPbb as its a WordPress plugin that’s compatible with Genesis.



    Thank you for your answere.
    But i can’t find a tool what do what i want.
    So that I Could convert all my membery, themes, Posts and so on into bbpress from phpbb3.

    Do you know where i could get this? I searched in Google but found nothing.



    I’d post that question on the bbpress forums as they are the experts for bbpress.



    So I got the tool but it didn’t work well.
    Every time time it says warning and not possible.
    Don’t know i postet the database Information in it and nothing happened.

    Do soebody uses this tool on phpbb3 before?



    ok then i will post it there too. thanks a lot



    After looking at the tool and what it makes i decided to not use this.

    Maybe I didn’t talked clear.
    There is a Option that i can include the Header, Navigation and Footer in the Forum.
    But the Point is that I can’t find the code to link in wordpress.

    Is there any real Header/ footer ?? so that i can put it in the Forum?



    Your best bet might be to ask the PHPbb forums how to include the CSS design from your Magazine theme in theme you’re using for your forum. That’s where you’d need to make your changes to get phpbb to look like your Genesis child theme, and I’d guess they’d be manual changes, not something you could just link to in the child theme.

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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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