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    Hello all! I’ve just purchase the Minimum child theme for my new Genesis framework. I’m new to the framework but already loving it. I’ve made my own child themes before, but not with a sturdy framework such as Genesis so I’m not sure how to go about a few things.

    I’ve gone under Settings > Reading and set the front page to my home page and posts page to my blog page. However then all my home page widgets only show up on my blog page and not my home page. What I want to happen when someone comes to my homepage on my site they see the header image, the home page widgets and my home page content an then they can head to my blog to see my posts if they want. Currently my home page header image and widgets only show up on the blog page with latest posts.

    I’ve asked for some help through the members only message system but I will not receive help because this is starting to customize my theme and they don’t support that, however it’s usually an easy fix with any other themes I’ve used in the past.

    Seeming as I’m new to Genesis could I get some advice as to how I can manipulate this child theme to act the way I want it to on the home page? I’ve looked on some tutorials on Genesis child themes but no luck finding help with this particular task. Are there some good online tutorials that I can look up to work on understanding and customizing Genesis child themes?


    Here is the link to the site I am working on



    Amber, have you reviewed the “How To” for the Minimum theme yet? Here it is –

    Also, remove the static home. Create a page that you want to show on your home page and then you can drag to a widget area on the home page.



    Thanks for the reply Anitac. I have already reviewed this information for setting up the Mimimum theme however it does not discuss or point to any websites on how to customize the theme itself.

    I’m not quite sure what you mean with your suggestion. How do you drag a widget area on the home page? Also, then this defeats the purpose of having a fully editable home page too doesn’t it?



    Ohhh you are really new! You should read this – Genesis Guide for Absolute Beginners –



    I’ve read the book and I know what you mean, however as the home page area is for the recent posts the closest I can get the content to come to the home page is the sidebar. Isn’t there just a simple if else statement I can put in to the child statement that tells Genesis that if I choose a static home page to show the widgets on that static home page instead?



    I am confused by what you want. What areas of the current Home.php file don’t you like? If you want to modify or create a custom home page, use your FTP file manager and go to your theme folder. Make a copy of the current home.php file then re-name the current one to “home-old”. Then you can use new file and cut out what parts of it you don’t want and add in what you do want.



    I’ve heard of that. I’ve done this but I think I’m missing one more step. I’ve been reading up on this a bit and I believe I’m looking for my own custom loop instead of the genesis loop. Instead of showing posts I want it to show a page. Would I be asking the right question if I asked how to create a custom loop to show a specific page as opposed to the posts?




    I’m trying to do the same thing as Amber i.e.

    The HOME page showing the top full witdh picture with the Social Media icons below it, then below this, have a page with text – not blog posts.

    And, the BLOG page, showing blog posts.

    In other words, when you look at the menu, when you click on the HOME page, it would show the image, SM and text below it. When you click on the BLOG page, it would show, blog posts.

    Thanks –





    I’m trying to do the same as chris01 – with the option of keeping the blog section underneath the social bubble things and having the social circles contain page title text and link to the pages instead of linking to social sites like facebook etc. I’m really stuck. Any help or suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance to anyone caring to respond.



    An example of what I mean is at – hope that helps.



    I don’t think you are going to find a solution to your question ECM123.   It has now been over 2 weeks since I asked my question, and still no answer!  And yes, I’ve searched this forum, search the web…and still cant’ figure it out.

    To be honest, at this point I’m ready to ditch the whole thing, and just go ahead and find a different theme all together!




    Unfortunately, I have been ill all of this week and getting back online. I will see if someone else can help you.



    Hi Amber

    Sounds as though you are trying to customise your homepage and also have a blog page.

    Default homepage for Minimum 2.0 theme just shows posts in order.

    Are you looking to do what I’ve done…

    If you are I’ll explain how I did it.


    David Decker

    @Amber @chris01 @ecm123
    I am still not 100% sure of what you want to display on your homepages — any screenshot, mockup/image or other sites with an URL would help. Otherwise, it’s too difficult or impossible to create customized “home.php” files for you or give more advice.

    To further explain what the home.php file does in Minimum 2.0 (and lots of other child themes for Genesis):
    – it’s some kind of virtual or dynamic if you want.
    – it’s not a page like all the other pages
    – you cannot customize it on the fly, only within code or replace with another customized home.php file.

    To get rid of the blog posts in grid style at the bottom of the Minimum 2.0 homepage there have to be registered another widget area. In this area you then could place the Genesis Featured Page widget — to just display any page you want for home area… Or you combine it still with some posts using the Genesis Featured Posts widget.

    Note, using a static front page via WP “Reading” settings replaces all pre-configured layouts/functionality.

    I suggest to use a customized home.php — if you want this example that I explained above I can post you the code for that.

    In general, I can understand your frustration! However, this is a community forum and answers are just guaranteed – we do this all in our spare time… :)



    Hi everyone,

    I would be interested in both solutions offered above but I don’t know how to contact you? How should we proceed?

    Thanks for your replies.

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