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    If there is a concern about clients deactivating the Extender plugin then maybe a warning could be displayed when the plugin is deactivated…

    “Warning – deactivating this plugin may cause problems with the layout and appearance of your website.

    Do you want to continue?”

    The wording can be refined, but that would be a simple solution.

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    Hi everyone

    Lively discussion going on here and since I use the Genesis extender plugin on all my sites and all my  client sites, I thought I’d add my two pennies worth – I’m from the UK.

    I run a small website design business and deal mainly with local businesses who want a great looking site at a price they can afford.

    The genesis child themes (I bought the Pro Plus package) allow me to give them a great looking site and the Genesis extender plugin allows me to give them a customised homepage and make changes to the CSS.

    I have no PHP so being able to produce a customised homepage using the Extender, is a real lifesaver for me.

    I also love using the Custom CSS function to play with the CSS whilst actually being on the page i.e. I don’t have to FTP new info to my stylesheet and check for results. I see results in real time on the actual page.

    Learning how to use the plugin is a doddle – Eric Hamm has produced a series of fabulous videos and he answers any queries you have in the forum.

    Bottom line?

    If you use Genesis child themes and would like to be able to customise them quickly and easily – then the Extender is the plugin for you.

    I’ve written a couple of articles on the Extender, which you may like to read.

    A general review – http://www.wmwebdesign.co.uk/genesis-extender-plugin-for-genesis-child-themes/

    Creating an EZ static homepage – http://www.wmwebdesign.co.uk/genesis-extender-plugin-create-an-ez-static-homepage/

    Hope you enjoy them.

    Keith Davis




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    You may find this useful… a post by Brian Gardner on the colour of selected text.

    Hope that helps.

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    Many thanks Nick.
    Just added the Quick Cache plugin to a site and it looks like a big improvement on speed.
    Super easy to set up.

    I’ll check out the jQuery Lightbox for Native Galleries.

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    You got it in one – many thanks.
    Changed to “show content” and all formatting shows on the blog page.

    And thanks for the link to the plugin… much appreciated.

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