How to Design for Apple’s Retina Displays

If you've watched the HBO series Game of Thrones (or have read through the Song of Ice and Fire series), you'll know that one of the major themes throughout the story is the subtle art of politicking. In order to survive you'd better know what your enemy's next move will be -- and be able to defend or … [Read more...]

A Beginner’s Guide to
Mobile Responsive Design

In his first season as an NFL quarterback, Peyton Manning won three games and threw more interceptions than touchdowns. Manning would prove resilient however, adapting to the pro-style game very quickly. In eleven of the next twelve years the Colts would go on to win at least ten games per season, and make … [Read more...]

CSS3 Is For Today

I love movies. There's nothing better than experiencing a movie that drops your jaw or makes you go quiet for a minute, contemplating what you just witnessed. This can happen when the story takes a turn you never saw coming. The end of the Sixth Sense or when Brad Pitt finds out what's in the box at the end … [Read more...]