CSS3 Is For Today

I love movies. There's nothing better than experiencing a movie that drops your jaw or makes you go quiet for a minute, contemplating what you just witnessed. This can happen when the story takes a turn you never saw coming. The end of the Sixth Sense or when Brad Pitt finds out what's in the box at the end … [Read more...]

Mobile Responsive Design: The Flexible Grid

I know I'm a little late to the game, but I've recently started watching The Wire. I'm into season three now and just watched episode four titled "Hamsterdam." In that episode Major Colvin is faced with the task of reducing violent crime in populated neighborhoods. Knowing he has limited manpower and … [Read more...]

The Secret to Confidence with Color Design

I love to go on dates with my wife, but but there is one moment I detest. It's the moment I've chosen a pant and shirt combination and she's ready to see me for the first time. As I walk up the stairs - or as I call it, "the climb of shame", I always pause in front of our bedroom door and take a deep … [Read more...]

Using Textures to Enhance Your Design

There is no more frightening combination of words that could be uttered to a designer: Make it pop. Most people know when something is beautiful because there is an inherent sense of order and design that is hard wired into us. Yet those same people have a very hard time quantifying what exactly makes … [Read more...]