Jessica Woo

Jessica is a flexible Genesis based WordPress eCommerce theme. The theme is compatible with all eCommerce plugins and comes with extra-styling tailored for WooCommerce.

The store template comes with options to capture subscribers, sizing tables, and contact forms. The default home page is fully widgetized (Genesis style) so you can decide the content and placement, or can be swapped out entirely to be built using blocks (Gutenberg or popular page builders).

Lending Memo

LendingMemo had 9seeds build a fully custom Genesis theme based site for their financial services blog.

The site key functionality is a leaky squeeze page around their video learning content. It's been very successful in driving membership and email newsletter list growth.

New You Sleeve

Gastric Sleeve Centers of America had 9seeds build a HIPAA compliant patient portal that insurance qualifies and then coaches qualified patients in the lead up to their surgery.

Like many of the sites 9seeds' builds the most impressive part of this site is behind the scenes. Patient's first get qualified and an account created for them. Then the site facilitates their doctor building a customized step by step preoperative plan. The patient can then follow the plan and upload evidence of each step completion. It's not often we build HIPAA compliant sites on WordPress, it does take a lot of extra security steps like detailed audit logs and database encryption at rest, but it can be done!

Maui Time Weekly

9seeds has built dozens of sites for publishers large and small. Each is unique, but they all have one request in common, "I just want the site to get out of my way and let me write".

We get it, all publishers just want to publish and they certainly never want to deal with technology. That's where 9seeds comes in! We love handling all the technical stuff and making it as easy as possible for publishers, editors and authors to just get their words out there.