Genesis 2.2 Now Available

Ever since the release of Genesis 2.0 and the introduction of the HTML5 markup structure, we've been extremely happy with the maturity and stability of the framework. Very few bugs have come up, and we continue to grow the Genesis developer and user community by extraordinary numbers every … [Read more...]

Genesis 2.2 Beta

I'm very happy to announce that the public beta for Genesis 2.2 is available now! If you're not already running the Genesis Beta Tester plugin, go ahead and install/activate it on your site. When you do, you should see the update notification in your dashboard. While you're at it, head over to Github and … [Read more...]

Genesis Framework v1.8 Now Available

Genesis has a long tradition of being extremely flexible for the average user while at the same time remaining developer friendly. This latest release continues that tradition in a big way. Our sincere thanks to a group of Genesis power users for helping turn Genesis 1.8 into a developer's dream, without … [Read more...]

Genesis Framework v1.6 Beta Available

We haven't really been bragging about this one very much, but you know us... always cooking up something new. Isn't that why you use Genesis to begin with? We'd like to invite you into a beta period of Genesis v1.6. Keep reading... We'll save the marketing mumbo jumbo for the final release. I mean, we're … [Read more...]

Genesis Framework v1.4 Now Available

Since its conception over one year ago, Genesis has always been about offering valuable features, while at the same time allowing maximum control through the use of intelligent Theme Settings, liberal use of action hooks and filters, and semantic markup. This is our driving passion, and today, Genesis 1.4 … [Read more...]

Introducing the Simple URLs Plugin for WordPress

How many times have you wanted to know exactly how many times that link you put in your blog post has been clicked? Have you ever wanted to shorten those long, ugly affiliate URLs? Well, if you answered "Yes" to either of those questions, Simple URLs is the plugin for you. Simple URLs is a URL management … [Read more...]